Water Fed Pole Van Conversion Service

I can fit any van, ready to work, in one week.


Hi, I've been cleaning windows Water Fed Pole for over 20 years, and have fitted over 50 vans.

I can fit any van in a week, Drop it off to me one weekend, and pick it up the next, ready to work.

If you are coming from away, I will happily drop you at Swansea Train or Bus station after dropping the van off to me, and pick you up when it's ready to collect.


The fit is a tried and tested design, no money wasted on bits of kit you don't need, but absolutely everything you do need to start earning the same day you collect it, including a full tool/spares kit to keep you working if anything gets damaged while out working. There is plenty of room to fit in extra gear if you wanted to invest in a gutter vac or pressure washer.

The WFP setup is as follows:

- Van bed treated with Protectakote sealant.

- Baffled water tank, fixed in place in a steel frame, bolted the van bed. Also has a float valve fitted to the inlet, so the water shuts off automatically when the tank is full.

- Dedicated 60ah battery secured beneath the passenger seat to keep it dry and for safety and mains battery charger.

- 100psi Shurflo pump - the industry standard, with a spare micro-switch included in the spares kit as this is the only part that ever wears out eventually, and is easy to change.

- Digital Flow controller to control water flow rate.

- 75m 8mm microbore hose on a Claber reel and inline tap.

- 50m 1/2" hose on Hozelock reel for filling the tank on the job.

- 25ft x5 section modular fibreglass pole with vikan brush and pencil jets.

- 3.2m telescopic ladder for access.

- Freestanding 'Trip Hazard' Safety sign.

- TDS meter.

All fittings and components are brand new and trade quality. No DIY store shortcuts.

 The main option of the fit is what water purification system you will need. What you choose depends on the water quality in your area, and whether you have access to a tap at home. Call for a chat and we can discuss the best option for you.

£1800. Any small van (Not the old shape Transit Connect). 350L tank. 1 man complete setup.

£2200. Any large van. 650L tank. 1 man complete setup.

£2600. Any large van. 650L tank. 2 man complete setup.

Water purification setup extra. Call for a quote.

Thanks for looking. Call or text any time to discuss your needs and availability.


0797 909 2932

The fit includes a full spares kit to keep you working if anything is damaged while in use.